Who are we?

We are absolutely convinced that electric driving is the future so we are very happy to be able to be a part of it.

Over the past few years, we specialized ourselves in the world of Tesla Motors. We started buying these great cars for our own, and we were continuously being approached by our friends, colleagues, customers and neighbors. So we automatically became ambassadors and eventually sellers of these amazing cars.

We ended up creating Nikola, named after Nikola Tesla himself, and thus turned our hobby and passion into our job.

All our cars are carefully selected and 100% European.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions big or small.
We'll help you as good as we can and if we don't have the answer to your question we'll probably be so curious we want to find out for ourselves.

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Making an expensive, long distance purchase can be a nerve wrecking and stressful endeavor. When I first contacted Johnathan, this was my mindset.

As the negotiations progressed that slowly changed and due to a few contingencies on my side, I ended up transferring the full amount of the purchase without personally seeing the car. I can now corroborate what I was told about Johnathan at Nikola Brussels, he is trustworthy, Tesla enthused guy and a pleasure to work with. All the paperwork for the car to be exported and driven to Portugal were smoothly handled by the Nikola team. On the day of delivery, they picked us up at the airport and a couple of hours later, we were driving a new-to-us Tesla Model S back home.

Bruno FigueiredoPortugal

The contact with Johnathan of Nikola Brussels was “ the perfect person at the perfect moment at the perfect timing”, they showed us the perfect way into the world of Tesla and through his quick thinking and brainstorming we made our decision in one week and that includes the delivery of a Tesla which completely fits our needs. And what a wonderful car it is..

Thank you Johnathan and thanks Nikola Brussels!!!

Lieven CallewaertBelgium

The day after receiving my New vehicle, I'm delighted:
Not only I can look back at a dream-full experience, but also the first time promises were kept and also a feeling as if the salesperson I trusted was sharing my concerns, as delivery of a used car can be surprising once authorities need too many details for an unfamiliar matter. Indeed, as purchase was , I must admit, impulsive, the Elon Musk feeling, getting in touch with YouTube learnings, the "taking care of environment and future" was truly there. I also appreciate the communication Nikola provided me was factual, to the point and gave me the real concern as if I was not alone, and I must also admit I visited an official dealer, which was correct of course, but there was something missing, which really makes the difference. I relied on Nikola, based on the experiences related to car repair, but the service you personally deliver exceeds the expectation of what anyone could imagine. Also today- again as promised- I received the mail from Tesla's login. Reminds me kindly of a person I met at the supercharger station ( I also was curious, to compare in reality with the YouTube versions,)who departed on holiday to the north of France with wife and child, in also a recently acquired 2nd hand car, but was still waiting for his login as it would take 2weeks. So there again a beautiful and trustworthy experience, which I believe will not end as the car invites always New discoveries.

I would conclude that where technology, communication and Tesla are most Vivienne, you and your company make it real and make a huge difference.
I want to express my gratitude for the help you personally took care of.
So finally my Lotus Elise Mk 1 ( with the original fittings and Rolls Royce license plate lights) is followed by a real New generation vehicle.

Patrick GrieveBelgium

Thank you Johnathan, thank you Nikola Brussels!

I just came back from my first long haul trip with my Tesla P85. I was scared to drive for 850km into the Austrian Alps. Big question 'range' - how long can I keep going with what speed??? Because of Jonathan's 'instant' responses at any time during the week and weekend I made my trip with confidence and without any issues. What a customer service!! In the end I drove for more than 1900km without needing to pay for any charging. Tesla's supercharing stations are everywhere....and I was surprised at the amount of Tesla chargers at fine hotels and restaurants. What a great network Tesla has built in Europe! Well done.

Matthias HanssenBelgium

Everything starts on 21/11 at Nikola-Brussels where Bruce takes all his time to explain us everything about a Model X with great patience ... Shortly thereafter, Maria Eva informs our 4 children via WhatsApp that we are going to receive the keys to the car very soon.
Thank you Johnathan and Bruce to have transmitted to us your passion about TESLA!

Maria Eva JáureguiBelgium

Thank you Johnathan and Bruce for your excellent advice in chosing a Tesla 85 S.
For me this has been a major change in way of travelling but in a way relaxing, I will not even mention the fantastic autopilot!

You guys have a fantastic product and a perfect service which you certainly have given me and for sure you will give to others after me. I loved the moment when I took delivery of my Tesla, the black Tesla cover for making the delivery a special event. I can assure you, it was the case.

Thank you again guys.

Roderic vPBelgium

I was already looking for months for a Tesla, Johnathan helped me get the perfect car for a very good and fair price. I almost bought another car but I inquired as whether Johnathan could have a better proposal. And sure he did, he found a perfect car that matched all my requirements. Unfortunately there was a delay with the import documents but sure enough he found yet again another perfect match!

In short: If you want to buy a Tesla you are at the right place! There is always one that will fit your requirements and budget, if not I am sure they will find your perfect match as well.

Maarten DequanterBelgium

I never thought that buying a car can be such an experience!

It's one thing to buy a extraordinary car, as we all know Tesla is already, but it fits perfectly when you buy it from extraordinary people. Johnathan is a real, true specialist and will not only sell you a car but advise you in such a way that will help you find something that is right for you. Also the entire experience of dealing with him is the way all human interactions should be: professional, relaxing environment and funny. I did not believe him when he suggested that I will never go back to ICE after driving electric but now I will also never use somebody else to guide me thru the process.

Thank you for everything. You're doing a great job and I'm glad such a place exists!
All car enthusiasts should consider taking a look at what they are offering.

Daniel DumitrescuRoemenië

The reaction of my sons was priceless.
When I arrived home they all were waiting for me outside.
When seeing the car they jumped around my wife's neck.
She is still suffering from it. :)!

Yvan JanssenBelgium

First of all, thanks again for your professional contribution to get my first Tesla!

When I arrived at Stolberg TÜV I got a technical check. The workers there were really happy to let us know, they wondered Tesla greatness, asked a lot of questions and did everything to learn the procedure and let us finish as soon as possible.
Thanks again Bruce for your immediate support.

I was really happy with this 1330km and get excellent low consumption & mileage, better than I've expected!

Krisztian BajorGermany

Through a colleague of mine that bought Tesla Turbine rims at Nikola Brussels I got to know Johnathan. From the very first contact until and after the delivery everything went really smoothly. Moreover on my demand they painted the whole Tesla in another color including the rims. The quality is excellent.

A lot of companies could learn something of their customer service.

Thibaut Van LandegemBelgium

What an incredibly fun and unforgettable experience!

They took some pictures of my car and litteraly 5 hours later, I got the phone call my car was sold for the price that I wanted.
Everything went super smoothly afterwards, so a thanks a lot Johnathan and team Nikola Brussels for the incredible service!

Frederik ChanBelgium

After two weeks and 2000 km with my new Tesla Model S70D, the smile on my face still stays on and on!

The experience with the NIKOLA team was just amazing.The email contact was immediate, friendly and helpful, at any time of the day! They were extremely flexible in scheduling a visit to see the car. During my visit to Brussels, Bruce took long time and a great effort in introducing me to the car, sharing his broad experience in Tesla and giving some really helpful advice. The transfer of the car to Germany by the NIKOLA team was easy, fast and smooth (just the opposite of the paper work at the German KFZ Zulassungsbehörde...).

And the car is wonderful - a great driving experience, every day and every trip! We just love it!

Dominik SchneiderGermany

Nikola Brussels sold my Tesla Model S 85 within 10 weeks. They took care of everything: Technical control, Cleaning & Detailing, Test-drives, Potential buyers vetting, Charging, Software updates, Tesla account transfer, etc.

I can highly recommend Nikola Brussels to sell your Tesla. You’ll get more than whatever other company around.

Byron Soulopoulos - President of Tesla club Belgium.Belgium

I was looking for a set of summer wheels for my new Tesla S, when I came across Nikola Brussels.

They offer Teslas for sale, as well as a number of services to enhance your Tesla. On offer in addition were reasonably prices sets of Model S and X wheels.
I contacted Johnathan and Bruce and finding them both extremely knowledgeable and true Tesla fans, we struck a deal for a set of fantastic 21” turbines.
They were delivered 3 days after the order, and I’m absolutely delighted with. So a huge thanks to Johnathan and Bruce, for your professionalism, transparency and well; for just being two thoroughly decent human beings.

Phil HumphreySwitserland

I was looking for an electrical car type Tesla as my former BMW with 300.000 km was end of life. By accident I ran into the website of Nikola Brussels and i discovered they have far more second hand cars than any other player on the market.
So I drove down to Londerzeel and met this fantastic guy Jonathan Wong. He showed me 2 cars which fitted in my budget and I did a test drive, which was so fantastic and thrilling that I decided to buy the car earlier than foreseen. Jonathan is a real Tesla freak and knows all about the software and details of it. He was also helpful in getting my license plate and made sure that I could pick up the car just before Christmas.

Thank you Jonathan ! That is service.

Ives VerheyleweghenBelgium

3 months ago, i became a Tesla owner, and I have to say, this is one of the most impressive cars i have ever driven.
In short: smooth, beautiful, and even a friendly image (i get a lot of thumbs up when standing at the traffic lights, strange however).

I can recommand Johnathan Wong from Nikola Brussels for finding me the car exactly as i wanted him to be. Not only did he deliver me this
car as quick as possible, his advice in aftersales as a Tesla expert has helped me ever since. Johnathan is available 24/7 to help you out with your questions
as a new Tesla driver. Actually, Tesla should pay him for the services he provides, no other car brand has such an ambassador!

All the best, we’ll keep in touch.

Yves BeliënBelgium

After a test drive with a friend's car, I was immediately impressed by the Tesla concept. He redirected me towards Nikola-Brussels who found his dreamcar for him.
After some searching on my own, I went to Johnathan to do a testdrive. And two weeks later, the Tesla of my dreams was provided.
Driving a Tesla is fantastic but it requires some accomodation so you need to get assistance from a specialist.

Johnathan can certainly call himself a Tesla-specialist. Thanks for all the help. A very happy customer.

Timothy GhysBelgium

"We are proud Tesla owners for a week now, and every day we find new and fun features. So you could say that we are super satisfied. Thank you for the smooth delivery and support!"

Natalie and Rik WittendorpBelgium

After a test with a model S in Genval, we fell in love with the concept, the glamour and, let's admit it, the incredible fiscal advantages offered by a Tesla. But then remained the most difficult part: the budget ! That's when we met Bruce and Johnathan, two passionate guys from the very first beginning. They immediately took care of us. Test drive, technical explanations and warranties,... everything is cristal clear with them.
The purchase was arranged in no time proving everything went as smooth as we hoped for. They even brought the car, as new although it had 50.000 kms, to our house. As of today my hands will never smell like diesel anymore :).

To cut a long story short ... let yourself be tempted by the Nikola-Brussels experience!

Vincent BackesBelgium

After three months searching in various car markets and countries, I had the immense luck of finding Nikola-Brussels and get in touch with Johnathan. They had a Tesla that matched perfectly with my requirement, although I know now that they are able to find any Tesla anyone will need. They are the most professional and Tesla experts of all people which I’ve spoken with.
Everything was easy with them since the very beginning. Information about the vehicle, specs, all doubts that I had were quickly resolved, including ones no one was able to answer before, even the final negotiation was a pleasure!
After that, they only confirmed how professional they are.
The welcoming they did when I went there to pick up the car was impressive, they made me feel I was part of the family and all the paperwork was done smoothly and in a heartbeat.
Once in Spain (my country, where things are done late or never), they didn’t doubt a bit in giving me all documents requested here to register the car, some of them way unexpected and unnecessary, even when I travelled down from Belgium with all the due documents. Thanks to their help I was able to register the car and enjoy it!

If I had to search for another Tesla, I would never doubt to contact them straight away without even looking at others. I trust these guys 100%!!
Just a few more words: Thanks Jonathan and Bruce to help me so much in fulfilling my dream!

Iván García HerreraSpain

What are you most afraid of when you buy a car abroad? Exactly ... Prior to that you will be deceived!

As press-editor I see daily reports of Internet fraud, scams, false facilities, rip off in payments ... car buying abroad? In this price range? Never in my life! But a TESLA is expensive. And finding a good one is rare ... By chance I came across the site of NIKOLA in Brussels! Lo and behold: The boys had a TESLA S that I like! Yes. I was very skeptical. Above all, about the payment terms.

However, now that the purchase is on the stage, I can only recommend Bruce Lanhove, Johnathan Wong and the team of NIKOLA with good faith. Reputable processing train to train, nice and hard-working team, clean vehicle - and perhaps not the last that I will buy from NIKOLA

Thanks Bruce, thank Johnathan, thanks NIKOLA - keep it up!

Christian MückAustria

I’m both glad and lucky that I contacted Johnathan from Nikola in Londerzeel Belgium to ask about a Tesla Model S they had on offer.

He arranged to meet up with us at the store as soon as possible and within our schedule’s limitations. What a wonderful chat we’ve had. No sales person has ever taken as much time to talk about the vehicle on offer and cars in general before. I’m so happy with the service and customer experience we’ve had. All wishes had been accounted for. So if you are interested in electric vehicles and would like to take the next step from adoring Tesla's to actually driving one: do as I did. Contact Nikola and get your hands on one of their beautiful Tesla's they have for sale.

Florian UhlemannGermany

Tesla Model S is the only car that excites me with such passion. I was very happy to finally find a Tesla with very good balance between price and options. Nikola helped me with well the necessary paper work.

Maarten De BlockBelgium

Wil je een tweedehands Tesla te koop? Occasie Tesla verkopen. Verkoop van tweehands Tesla. Gebruikte Tesla te koop. Tweedehands Tesla verkopen. Kopen van tweedehands Tesla.


"I took me a few months to delve into the world of electric cars. As an engineer, I adore this technology hugely, given the enormous advantages (no more moving parts, high efficiency motor, regenerative braking, ...) of these machines. Despite the governments efforts the price barrier is not small when you want a comfortable car with a high degree of autonomy ... As a professional expert, after all, I do a lot of kilometers every day (more than 300 km daily ) and this is for most electric cars an impossible task. I therefore have been extensively informed by Tesla to buy a Model S, considering it had all the requirements I wanted professionally. Considering my budget a type 60 was the only viable option, so I'll have the range problem once again and I should let my dream car behind...

However via autoscout 24 I noticed a second hand Tesla S85 that fell completely to my taste: beautifully finished, white, with optional autopilot! And double charger that was almost the price of a new Tesla-based model type 60. After a test drive, I was hooked and found the price difference (negotiation was barely possible) and yet came to an agreement.

Now I drive around with a beauty of a Tesla Model S type 85 without significant budget overrun! Mission accomplished !"

Niek Van PouckeBelgium

Our Models


Facelift conversion

  • All new original Tesla parts
  • With or without autopilot
  • Any color
  • €5989.5 incl. VAT
€4950 excl. VAT

Customize your Model S,3,X

  • Window tinting Model S
  • Red brake calipers
  • Carbon spoiler Model S
  • Ceramic Paint Protection Model X
Starting from €200 excl. VAT
Turbine Rims

Tires and wheels

  • Model S and X.
  • Summer or winter tyres
  • 0 km
  • Any color
Starting from €2500 excl. VAT
New arrival

P72363 – INSANE Performance – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Apr 2015
  • 162.345 km
  • €57.999 incl. VAT
€47.934 excl. VAT

012412 – Autopilot – 7 seats – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Sep 2016
  • 119.800 km
  • €66.300 Incl VAT
€60.000 excl. VAT

046569 – Autopilot 2.0 – 6 seats – CCS ready

  • Jun 2017
  • 43.000 km
  • €82.300 Incl VAT
€68.016 excl. VAT
New arrival

382419 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
  • €64.950 incl. VAT
€53.678 excl. VAT
New arrival

382442 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
  • €64.950 incl. VAT
€53.678 excl. VAT

382380 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
  • €64.950 incl. VAT
€53.678 excl. VAT
coming soon

P35626 – Sunroof, Air susp, UHF – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • May 2014
  • 210.232 km
  • 382 hp (285kW)

REF959 – Facelift conversion, SAS – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • May 2014
  • 118.300 km
  • €43.995 incl. VAT
€39.815 excl. VAT
New arrival

P58505 – Autopilot, Duo charger – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Dec 2014
  • 97.496 km
  • €46.963 incl. VAT
€42.500 excl. VAT
New arrival

099859 – Autopilot, Pano – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Oct 2015
  • 147.313 km
  • 525 hp (386kW)
New arrival

080165 – Autopilot, Winterpackage, Duo charger

  • Jun 2015
  • 78.898 km
  • €55.599 incl .VAT
€45.950 excl. VAT
New arrival

088344 – Autopilot, Pano – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jul 2015
  • 64.446 km
  • 525 hp (386kW)
New arrival

P80052 – Autopilot, Pano – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jun 2015
  • 89.697 km
  • €57.950 incl .VAT
€47.893 excl. VAT
new arrival

P72573 – Autopilot, Pano – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • May 2015
  • 99.211 km
  • €58.950 incl. VAT
€48.719 excl. VAT
New arrival

121635 – Autopilot, Pano – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Mar 2016
  • 97.461 km
  • €58.950 incl. VAT
€48.719 excl. VAT

P68563 – INSANE Performance – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Mar 2015
  • 134.632 km
  • €59.950 incl. VAT
€54.253 excl. VAT
New arrival

131347 – Autopilot, Winterpackage

  • Jul 2016
  • 79.555 km
  • €64.950 incl. VAT
€53.678 excl. VAT


  • Mar 2015
  • 103.433 km
  • €64.950 incl. VAT
€53.677 excl. VAT
New arrival

084783 – INSANE Performance – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jun 2015
  • 83.139 km
  • €64.995 incl. VAT
€53.715 excl. VAT
New arrival

083343 – INSANE Performance – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Aug 2015
  • 116.358 km
  • €64.995 incl. VAT
€53.715 excl. VAT
New arrival


  • Jun 2015
  • 123.485 km
  • 760hp (567kW)

REF622 – Air suspension, Autopilot 2.0

  • Mar 2018
  • 47.374 km
  • Blue metallic

151788 – AP, Air suspension – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Sep 2016
  • 68.854 km
  • €69.995 incl. VAT
€57.847 excl. VAT
New arrival

166557 – Autopilot 2, Sunroof, Air susp

  • May 2017
  • 36.587 km
  • €72.950 incl. VAT
€60.289 excl. VAT

REF071 – Autopilot 2.0 – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Apr 2017
  • 99.950 km
  • 525 hp (386kW)

064342 – Autopilot 2.0, Tow package

  • Sep 2017
  • 39.867 km
  • Multi coat red metallic
New arrival

024628 – Autopilot 2 – Ventilated seats

  • Mar 2017
  • 45.950 km
  • 525 hp (386kW)

179080 – Autopilot 2.0 – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Mar 2017
  • 112.950 km
  • Ludicrous upgrade
Option Monique

REF955 – Pano, Autopilot 2.0 SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jan 2017
  • 20.450 km
This car is reserved excl. VAT

155745 – Full self driving – Ludicrous upgrade

  • Jun 2019
  • 9.995 km
This car is reserved

288455 – Sunroof, Winter, UHF, Air

  • May 2019
  • 6.695 km
This car is reserved

067190 – Autopilot met FSD – Tow hook, 5 seats

  • 2017
  • Approx 73.000 km
This car is reserved

178633 – Autopilot 2 – All black

  • 2017
  • Approx 78.000 km
  • Ludicrous upgrade
This car is reserved excl. VAT

REF911 – Autopilot 2 – Ultra white seats

  • Mar 2017
  • Ludicrous upgrade
This car is reserved excl. VAT

382459 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
This car is reserved

014216 – 6 seats – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Nov 2016
  • 112.960 km
This car is reserved

129536 – AP, Air suspension – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Sep 2016
  • 88.687 km
This car is reserved
Your dream car?

Can’t find the perfect car?

  • We'll find her for you !
  • 60kw - 100kw
  • Any option
  • Any color
Any price excl. VAT

P41311 – Performance – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jun 2014
  • 120.899 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

P58542 – Autopilot, Duo charger – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Dec 2014
  • 137.799 km
Sorry too late !

136189 – Autopilot – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jun 2016
  • 90.764 km
Sorry too late !

P71203 – INSANE Performance – Pano

  • 2015
  • 88.500 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

093458 – Autopilot, 21″ – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Aug 2015
  • 63.541 km
Sorry too late !

101108 – 6 seats, Tow hook, upgrade charger

  • Jun 2018
  • 14.615 km
Sorry too late !


  • Mar 2015
  • 128.443 km
Sorry too late !

382401 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

382447 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

382439 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

382536 – Performance, Track mode – AUTOPILOT

  • NEW never registered
  • 9 km
Sorry too late ! excl. VAT

P26627 – Performance Plus – SUPERCHARGE FREE

  • Jan 2014
  • 140.447 km
Sorry too late !